WavesDucks Game Monetization Strategy

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Hello all WavesDucks lovers. You will be real duck hunters knowing these strategies. Here are some tips and strategic thoughts regarding the new and increasingly popular NFT game — WavesDucks.

Initially I wanted to trade eggs to make a profit every day but then I found this to be a failed idea. I see this is just the beginning of the game and the price of eggs keeps going up so a better idea is to hold the eggs. I keep the eggs when the reward is received and try to buy more eggs when the price is low.

When I see everyone has ducks, I think it’s better to hold 50% eggs and 50% invest in ducks. The important thing when investing in ducks is that the rarity of ducks will decrease as more people own them. So send ducks to farm early to get the most eggs. Please keep ducks removed from the incubator to preserve duck genetic resources for future breeding. They will help maintain the high rarity of ducks.

1. Should hold 50% eggs, 50% investment in ducks
2. Send some breeding ducks to the farm to conserve precious genetic resources or sell them when prices are high
3. Breed rare ducks and send them to the farm
4. Keep sterile ducks for use in DIP-3




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